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The entirely new world enclosed in a live book which helps in effective learning. Visual learning is the best way to learn, enabling students to retain information more effectively than any other methods. Eskuly, has brought a completely new experience of visual learning through books which is our Live Books. Eskuly live book includes English, grammar, and mathematics. It is a specially crafted day-to-day course for class 1 to 5 designed and formulated in accordance with the latest guidelines from National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

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Live Class allows you to go through the lesson anytime from anywhere which will help in better understanding the subject and leads to higher score. It adds more fun in learning when you can visualize the concepts and remember very quickly.

Knowledge Test

Compulsory knowledge test through specially crafted Quizzes based on the course which ensures that you understood the concept thoroughly and helps you know the areas of improvement.

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